Hi! I'm Cecelia Martinez. I am a developer, speaker, writer, and community leader who loves doing and learning about a little bit of everything. As a DevRel professional, I am drawn to helping developers improve some of the most frustrating parts of their work - including testing, debugging, mobile app deployments, and fighting with YAML. I'm currently a Lead Developer Advocate at OutSystems, but you may know me from my previous work at Ionic, Replay, or Cypress, or from one of the 30+ events I've spoken at since 2020.

You can usually find me at a meetup - I lead the Atlanta JavaScript🍑 and Out in Tech Atlanta🏳️‍🌈 groups, and believe that local developer communities are the beating heart of tech. I have a broad technical background that includes everything from web development and testing to mobile DevOps and leveraging low-code and AI. I have a strong understanding of the business aspect of DevRel, thanks to an MBA in Marketing and a previous career in finance.

However, I'm really a teacher at heart. I love helping developers thrive by crafting effective technical resources, working with engineering teams to ensure quality products, and spreading the word about the tools that make developer lives better.

I write primarily about developer relations, speaking, and community, and am available for events or to collaborate on content. If you'd like to chat more, drop me a line or connect with me on LinkedIn.