Modern Web ATL Meetup May 2024

May 14, 2024 ( More Details)

"The Low-Code You Don't Know"

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When you think of low-code, you probably think of cookie-cutter templates, simple drag-and-drop UIs, and limited functionality. You may also think that, as a “real” software developer, low-code tools aren’t for you. Well, not all low-code tools are created equally, and low-code is only increasing in popularity. In a recent survey of 1200+ developers and tech leaders, 63% of organizations said they will develop the majority of their apps using low-code platforms by the end of 2024*. With the advent of AI-powered platforms, low-code can accelerate your development process and help you build high-quality, full-stack apps at scale for the mission-critical problems your team is trying to solve. Learn how the full-stack low-code platform OutSystems helps you leverage your existing developer skills with tools like JavaScript, .NET, and SQL to build apps faster and help you hone your software development skills along the way. The low-code you don’t know could be the future of how you develop software, and help you set you apart in our rapidly-changing tech landscape.