Techorama Netherlands 2024

October 8, 2024 ( More Details)

"Crafting Secure & Performant Cloud-Native Applications"


A cloud-native transformation brings many challenges, especially when supporting a large portfolio of enterprise applications and their architectural complexities. Two of the most critical areas to address when moving to a cloud-native architecture are security and performance. In this talk, learn how to tackle both these challenges head-on by understanding what it is that makes cloud-native security and performance so complex, and the factors to consider to ensure your DevOps processes are ready as your organization transitions to this new architecture. We’ll review why shifting security left may not be enough and strategies for continuous security integration specific to cloud-native applications. We’ll also learn how to implement performance monitoring and intelligence at the infrastructure level, and why the industry is increasingly leveraging low-code app dev alongside cloud-native to maximize the benefits of both technologies. This talk is designed to provide concrete, actionable advice for professionals ready to improve their cloud-native initiatives. Whether you're just starting your cloud-native journey or looking to refine your existing practices, this talk will provide guidance on making your cloud-native applications as secure and performant as possible.