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Mentor Session Outline

First created: Tue Jan 04 2022

If the mentee does not have a specific agenda, this can serve as an outline to guide a career discussion. Should be flexible.

Intros (5 mins)

  • Tell me about yourself! (Note how they talk about themselves, what they highlight, communication style how it could be improved, what they do well)
  • About me, started out in journalism, then worked in financial services where I got my MBA and CAPM. First learned HTML and CSS in high school, made websites on the side over the years. Was thinking about a boot camp, started learning JavaScript on my own first and talked to other boot camp grads I met via WWC ATL. Decided to attend a full-time in-person boot camp, simultaneous boot camp and job search for three months. Had three offers upon graduation. Junior Software Developer at sports medicine company, then went to Cypress in 2022 to get back into working with customers. Speaking through WWC, then meetups and conferences. Just joined Replay.io this week!
  • Privacy policy - I am documenting learnings about career, mentoring, job searching, and the tech industry from this process. However, the details of our sessions are private, and I will never share any details of what we discuss or your job search.

Goals (5 mins)

  • Brief overview of outline for today's session
  • Review information provided in calendar invite
  • Decide on an outcome from today's session and document
  • Time horizon goals: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years

Discovery (20 mins)

Roles (5 mins)

  • What stage are you? If applying, how long and what has the response been so far?
  • Why do you want to get into tech?
  • What type of role are you looking for?
  • Why did you choose that type of role?

Skills (5 mins)

  • What specific skills do you have that will contribute to the role you're seeking?
  • What skills have you seen on job descriptions you still need to develop?
  • Of the roles you are exploring, which one do you think has the most overlap with your skill set?

Artifacts (10 mins)

  • Briefly review LinkedIn together
  • Briefly review GitHub, portfolio, etc. if applicable

Action Items (15-20 minutes)

  • Provide feedback based on alignment between skills, artifacts, and their goals.
    • Are their goals realistic for their timeframe?
    • Is there sufficient overlap between their skills and the role they desire to find a job right now?
    • Are their artifacts helping or hurting them? What can be improved?
  • Provide 2-3 actionable next steps to move them forward toward their immediate goal
    • Update artifacts
    • Learn a skill
    • Adjust the roles they're seeking
    • Adjust their job search process
    • Personal audit/discovery to better understand their own goals
    • Write up statement so they can better articulate their goals and skills to prospective employers
    • Join a community or develop a networking strategy
    • Etc.
  • Explain what I can offer moving forward
    • Will follow up with some resources
    • Connect on LinkedIn and invite to any appropriate networks
    • Have them reach out to me in a month via email to update on their progress

Questions (5-10 mins)

  • Allow them time to ask questions

Closing (5 mins)

  • Do you feel we accomplished your goal today?